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Why customers Satisfaction to be bottom of the pyramid

Gone were the days, when a customer use to seek satisfaction from an organisation. As the world has revolutionized now every customers wants some more, so what is that more you must be thinking about that. Let’s see what is that more which every customer demands in this modern era.

Yes you read the right thing the customer wants a delight feeling, which means they wants something special than their expectations, just like #taj#hotels#hospitality, wherein a customer check-ins and is welcomed in full Indian tradition as the guest is welcomed with the garland and many other Indian rituals, which makes customer stunned and brings a delight feeling in customers mind and later become WOM (Word of Mouth, which means passing of information from person to person by oral communication, communication wherein one person tells others a story about a real event or something he/she experienced.), WOM helps organisations to make its brand image in the market and this assist organisation to capture market share.

Why to go for Customer Relationship?

Now comes top of the pyramid which is very crucial and important to maintain and that is customer relationship and now you will definitely thinking that if you are able to satisfy your customer at the bottom of your pyramid itself, then why to take this step separately?

 So the answer to this question is that satisfaction is delivered till the customer buys/consumes product or services but whereas, Customer relationship is a going process which helps consumer to share their feedback which helps organisation to shape their product or services in a manner which will suit the customer and eventually benefits to both party i.e. customer as well as organisations.

As it is well said that it costs a lot more to acquire new customers than to get an existing customer to buy from you again.


An organisation must have holistic view to see the market so the main crux of this writing is to retain the customer by making relationship and to make relation customer must be feel delighted (Win Win situation) by taking into consideration that customer must be satisfied.


Innovate Employee

In the era of modern world every company focuses to innovate its product so as to maintain their market share in this competitive world but For  most companies, innovation is handled behind closed doors in a secluded part of the company that only a few have access to. This type of innovation is no longer practical and effective when thinking about the future of work.


innovate employees

Certainly, a question arises why to innovate employee rather than innovate product. So the answer to this question is that product is being developed by employee’s, if organisation able’s to develop an environment which leads to creative thinking of employees the product will innovate itself.

How to develop an environment which will lead to creative thinking of employees? one and the foremost thing is to make employees clear with the vision and mission of the organisation, secondly employees must be openly given an opportunity to make strategy for his/her daily functioning this will lead to make creative decisions and hence increases the efficiency of that employee and last but not the least a 360 degree feedback should be given to employee which will help the employee to benchmark his/her decision and leads to creativity.

Coming to the end of this topic by saying that an organisation must think to innovate employee and employee will innovate the product.